Ponds and Water Features

Ponds and water features create a tasteful ambiance for everyone. The sound of moving water promotes peace and prosperity.  The presence of water attracts many birds and frogs.  Koi fish bring movement to the water line. They dance to the sounds of waterfalls, birds and the joy of their human host.


The biggest challenge with ponds and water features is water quality and clarity.  Routine maintenance is the reality of any water gardener.  If you are having water quailty problems with your existing pond, be sure to ask about additional filtration or retro-fitting a skimmer.


Enjoying your pond does not have to end at sunset.  Inquire about our custom low voltage lighting systems;  LED color changing fixtures.


Are you interested in a new pond?

Please allow us to design a project that most homeowners can maintain.  As a part of the design process, we invite our clients to tour our completed pond and water feature projects.  A picture is worth a 1000 words, but viewing a project speaks volumes!